Human DNA and our world !

Today with a little more than 2000 years of the reductionist theory  that ” You are what you see and we are all separate beings ” has moved us so much from reality that we are now struggling in every way to survive as humans . Most of us do not believe anymore … Do not believe anything unless proven . Whats even funnier is whatever is proven scientifically ( all the food , pharma industry , health care system ) have become even more questionable !! I wonder why we believe on research and all kinds of studies which can all be forged . Anyways I can be a sceptic but i think its more important to show you the beauty of the universe and the beautiful being called humans . We all know that the humans were made in the same reflection of God . This article will get you all a little closer to that thought hopefully .

You see Modern science has only found 2 to 5 % of the functions of the DNA which is exchanging proteins . The rest is yet to be found . Well the Vedas ( Ayurveda is a part of the vedas ) have already written clearly the role of the DNA and its functions and wave genetics . You see the DNA in humans can be directed to become change and morph into what we want by using different methods like Sound , light , temperature and frequencies ( especially Sound ) . DNA gathers its information from the surrounding sounds , frequencies , light and morphs itself and mutates itself to form different species . So basically your DNA can respond to sound , light , temperature and energy of every kind . While doing so it alters your consciousness . This altered consciousness affects our physical world or the material world . So if you thought that your thoughts , your sound and everything inside you does not affect the universe and the physical world around you … think again . In fact the weather of a place is denoted by the consciousness of the people there . The sattva ( tendencies , qualities or attributes )  of a human affects the sattva of the earth . All these can of course be measured by any device that can measure EMF ( electro magnetic force ) . Its not very difficult to realize that we create an Electro magnetic wave each time we have a thought . That wave is sent out to the universe . So don’t be surprised to see strange weather in places where the humans are suffering with guilt , frustration , anger and anxiety . All this affects the earth and the weather around that place ! This is how the whole universe is connected as per quantum physics . This is a part of the vedas  , which goes on to say that if one needs to universe to be peaceful , the people living in it first need to be peaceful . How ? Food , thoughts , Spirituality and Collective consciousness.

Firstly creation cannot be instant . So all creature have mutated and formed over time. Coordinated exchanges of information between DNA is what mutated and created this world . Wave genetics is nothing but the study of DNA which is like a Biological internet . Which exchanges information constantly and creates and mutates the beings in it based on several factors . 5000 years ago in India the Seers or Rishis ( they were physicists ) could morph anything by creating , recreating and changing forms . Modern scientists in Russia are already working on those lines . All they needed were well formed and very articulate Mantras and Yagnas . These can be done todays as well if you so feel the need . There are a lot of seers ( physicists ) in India who are on the path of cleaning the sattva of the earth using YAGNAS and MANTRAS .

To be able to understand this one needs to first understand that we are a part of the  whole and that the whole universe is inside you ! Feel free to write to us or message us on +91 7045964227 .

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