Why Ayurveda can never be compared to Allopathy !

A lot of people challenge Ayurveda wrt the common knowledge of modern science and its definition of the anatomy of the human body .  The very reason why Ayurveda can never be compared to allopathy is that they are on two different planes. Allopathy is about matter and gross body ( the parts of the body ) , Ayurveda on the other hand is about the subtle body and the root cause of disease which manifests in the gross body .Not many know that the premise of Ayurveda does not start with the Anatomy of the body like modern science but with the atoms and molecules and the space between atoms and molecules and then moves on to the cellular structure and its working . The gross body is just made of the subtle cells so how can you compare the study of molecular and cellular health with that of the health of a liver or Kidney . Once the cells of the body function well the gross body is repaired anyways , you don’t need to cut or operate on them . So Ayurveda  is about Quantum Physics and Biology is probably 1/10 th of what quantum physics is !

  1. Akasha: non-obstructive, all-directed motion radiating lines of force in all directions or the space in which the other forces operate;
  2. Vayu: transverse motion and locomotion in space.
  3. Agni: upward motion giving rise to expansion.
  4. Apas: downward motion giving rise to contraction.
  5. Prithvi: that motion which produces cohesion, its characteristic of obstruction being the opposite of the non-obstructive ether in which it exists and from which it and the other Tattvas spring.

These five Mahabhutas cannot be named  as ” elements ” ( like in modern science ) since these mahabhutas come together to form elements . So elements like earth , wind , fire , water and Ether are actually have predecessors in the form of ” Mahabhutas ” .If we analyse any one of these elements, say earth, we will observe that together with the atoms of earth it contains at least one atom, if not more, of water, fire  air and Ether . But as the atoms of earth predominate here, we call it earth. Thus, though the great elements (Mahabhutas) arise together, in all molecules, hard, moist, hot or mobile, for the time being the nature of one predominates and our senses notice only the predominating one and not the others. We, therefore, say: this is earth; this is water; this is fire; this is air. So each and every material object is the combination of the five great elements.

This is where Ayurveda begins with Subtle energy and ends where allopathy starts … with the gross body . Feel free to write to us here by leaving a comment or send a WA message on +91 7045964227 .


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